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Hi Steve,


We met at the SW Food Show on Monday. You gave me a couple table jacks to take and try in my restaurant. They are awesome. Our tables are constantly being repositioned to accommodate different party sizes, and the floor is, unfortunately, not level. So, we spend an incredible amount of time constantly adjusting the feet to keep the tables from wobbling. Not only does it burn up a ton of time and energy, most of the crew still struggles with getting them to line up. Guess it's hard to conceptualize that fixing a side to side wobble may require that you lower the middle vs. raising the sides.


Of course the only thing worse than seeing the crew struggle with leveling the tables is when I see a guest stuffing a stack of napkins under a leg. Guests should never have to level a tble in order to eat with us. Ahhhh!


So, anyway, your Table Jacks work fabulously. The crew loves it. I'm going to give it a week on our test tables just to make sure we've iroened out any issues, but then I'm sending an order to Sysco for 42 more!


Thanks for this brilliant invention.


Randy Gier

Chief Eating Officer

Cedar Woodfire Grill



Gary, I’d like to install on all my tables. Your levelers work as advertised, thanks.” Jon


John Clayton

Pelican Larry’s