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Due to the fact that there are many styles and sizes of table bases that need stabilization, TableJacks may not fit every base at this time. We have included all the accessories to fit most of the popular styles found in restaurants; however, if you are having installation problems, please follow the instructions below in order for us to assist you.


Return Instructions:

  • Please send a picture of the bottom of the table base on which the TableJack is installed to If we see that the installation will not work in your case, we will refund the full purchase price. We cannot however refund the cost of shipping.
  • Please also include your name and phone number when sending us the photo. In many cases, we can help with the installation over the phone without a need for replacement.
  • We cannot accept damaged TableJacks that have been installed improperly or that have been used or broken after installation. Please refer to the Limited Warranty information related to defective products for more information.